Late To the Bitcoin Party, But I’m Still Early

(Here’s a piece I did in 2017 and much if it still applies today. – Dave)

Late To the Bitcoin Party, But I’m Still Early
By Dave at, August 13, 2017

The eclipse of the sun by the moon will be upon us on August 21st, but I’ll likely be looking at my computer screen, as the world of Bitcoin has become very fascinating to me. I don’t want to miss the next big thing with it (besides, you shouldn’t look at the sun in eclipse without proper eye protection, anyway). I’ll admit to a touch o f FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in regards to Bitcoin, as its price has continued to skyrocket. Today it broke another record high of $4200 USD! (Cue Ozzy Osbourne’s song Bark at the Moon!)

I’ve watched the price creep up each time with a sinking feeling, as I didn’t own very much of it. I visited my first Bitcoin ATM today to buy some of the stuff, paying a little more so I could feel secure when the next stratospheric price increase comes. I still don’t own much of it, but at least I feel I’m more in the game with some of it in my paper wallet. As its price continues its exponential rise, which my educated guess says it will, I will see my investment increase in value many times over when the masses are using Bitcoin. And they will: Big business and banks are embracing it right now.

I started learning about Bitcoin three years ago when I began obtaining my first pieces of Bitcoin (and other crypocurrencies) through online games called “faucets” and other give-aways. Bitcoin was trading for about $100 USD then (how I wish I had loaded up!). I’ve been around long enough to know that “HODL!” is not a typo. But compared to the early adaptors who were there from the start in 2009/2010, I got into Bitcoin late. Many people have already become very rich selling off their Bitcoins, but I believe the biggest gains for Bitcoin are yet to come. I’m not alone, by far.

But it’s NOT all about just getting rich!


Bitcoin stands to do a lot of good, due to its decentralized nature. Many see it as a path to freedom for the people of this world and a tool for making Earth a planet of peace and kindness. Good things are happening! 50K in Bitcoin was donated For Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas by listeners of The Crypto Show! Early Bitcoin adaptor and angel investor Roger Ver has given a very enlightening talk on how Bitcoin can stop war and a lot more (talk on YouTube, transcript/article here). Sure, there’s fortunes still to be made with Bitcoin and other cryptos, but the tremendous benefits in the form of a better world are not to be overlooked – otherwise, what good is all the “money” of whatever form?

The early adaptors acquired Bitcoins for free or for fractions of a cent each, soon after a mysterious programmer going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto (which may not be the name of one person, but a group of people, or maybe not…) came onto the scene with the new invention of a decentralized, electronic currency. It seemed like a strange thing at the time to many people, an oddball “computer geek” fad that would never catch on.

However, compared to most people on the planet, I got into Bitcoin very early. We are still in the infancy of this growing crypocurrency. There’s nowhere for it to go but “to the moon!” I remember when it was at the $500 level, way back about a year ago—ancient history in the Bitcoin world. Even a month ago it was still around $2000. Things move so fast in the crypocurrency realm! Now you can see why I can’t take much time away from the computer to watch the eclipse (but I’m sure I’ll take a peek at how the day is getting darker during it and watch it safely on an online cam).

Nearly every day I read a story about how a major company, or government, or bank is making a move to accept Bitcoin. Crypocurrency ATMs are beginning to show up in corner stores. Employees are being paid in Bitcoin. Contracts and other data are being recorded on the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin. And yet, Bitcoin is still only used by a relatively small number of the people in the world. It won’t be that way for long.

One of the other crypos (there are many now; for a list see that is looking interesting is Ethereum. It is posed to become increasingly more important and utilized as it’s integrated into “smart contracts” based on blockchain technology. So, if you’ve not heard of Ethereum you may want to check it out!

When Bitcoin reaches mass acceptance and use, today’s valuation of over $4200 USD is going to look very tiny indeed, and a great bargain to buy Bitcoin at. What value will Bitcoin reach in the future? That’s unknown, but many think it will be stellar, indeed. When will that happen? It depends on many factors, but within the next few years the use of Bitcoin is going to greatly increase, that is a pretty sure bet. Its rise in value is unmatched so far.

So, I may be “late” getting into Bitcoin according to some, but you’ve got to start sometime. To anyone just learning about Bitcoin now, I say that its bright future is still ahead of it, so don’t be afraid to jump in now. You need look no further than mainstream financial and business headlines to know that Bitcoin is here to stay and is on a huge growth curve. I know I’m actually still early to the Bitcoin party – you can be, too.

To the moon!


Dave’s Crypto
“To the moon!”

This is not financial advice.

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