Reddcoin Going Through the Roof! Doubles Value in Past Few Hours Thanks to John McAfee

About 15 hours ago, the value of Reddcoin  shot up over double, from about 100 sat to 199 sat, almost immediately!

What caused this sudden spike? A tweet from none other than John McAfee:

Apparently, the tweet was made in response to a member of the forum, going as the handle “PasCarbs,” who reached out to McAfee about the coin:

One thing’s for sure, and that is the coin’s value skyrocketed right after McAfee’s tweet went out:

It’s amazing how one person can move the market like that! Hmm, maybe I should make a coin and ask McAfee to send out a tweet about it! (I wonder how much Tequila he’d want for THAT?) Now there’s an idea!

So, have you got your Reddcoin, yet? Better act quick and get it before it gets too expensive, or perhaps it will fall back down again – that’s the thing about certain cryptos, “you never know!”

But there’s a way to get Reddcoins (and other cryptos) for free, and it’s not faucets! I’ve found a site (Earn Crypto)that pays you coins for doing things like watching videos and taking surveys sponsored by advertisers. It looks pretty legit and has good reviews, so I think it’s worth a shot. It’s free to sign up. Here’s my referral link to try it (I get a little bonus for sending you there):

Merry Christmas!

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