The Electroneum Online Wallet is Down Now, and Why This is a Good Thing

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By Dave @ Dave’s Crypto
December 9, 2017

If you’ve checked out the Electroneum (ETN) online wallet app lately, you may have noticed it’s “down for maintenance.” Those are usually scary words that you don’t want to see associated with any of your online financial matters, because it could be something serious, like a hack…

That happens to be exactly what the Electroneum developers are doing: they have engaged the services of HackerOne to penetrate-test their network. In other words, to hack it, or try to. In this way, the Electroneum developers are assuring themselves that their network is going to be safe and reliable. So, this hack is a good thing!

For those who don’t know who HackerOne is, they are a group of cybersecurity experts who have been hired by some of the top companies to test their systems, systemically, to try and hack into them. I’m sure their services are not cheap, but they are surely some of the best.

By hiring HackerOne, the ETN team is going a long way to providing long-term security for their network and boosting faith in their coin, at least I think so. It would be a very good thing if more coin developers did such extensive testing of their systems, and also for exchanges to do the same, especially.

I’ll remember that next time I try to get my ETN wallet to open and it’s still “down for maintenance.” šŸ˜‰

But joking aside, I’m looking forward to when they are up and running again.

And how cool would it be to work for HackerOne?

This has NOT been a paid endorsement, just my opinion.


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