All I want for Christmas is Bitcoin?

All I want for Christmas is Bitcoin?
by Dave @ Dave’s Crypto

All You Want for Christmas is Bitcoin, Dave?

Yes, pretty much, as you can get just about anything else you want with Bitcoin these days.

But you ask: How? I thought most places didn’t take BTC, yet?

They don’t (maybe one day), but there’s a great way to do it…read on!

You can buy certain things directly, from merchants and sellers who accept Bitcoin (a list that is quickly growing). This has been the case for a while now, with even some major retailers.

The other way is by using a pay card that you can load up with Bitcoin and then spend like a regular credit/debit card. If you do a search for “Bitcoin Credit Card and Debit Card,” you will find many of them. I’m not going to list them, as I’ve not tried out any of them, so I can’t say how they are either way.

But the point is that you can load up these cards with BTC and spend it, directly, and use them for most, if not all of your needs. Check out the videos of people who have been living off only BTC!

With Bitcoin’s rise lately (and that of several other cryptocurrencies), why wouldn’t you want Bitcoin for Christmas?

Season’s Greetings!

Dave’s Crypto
“To the moon!”

Looking for some Bitcoin-inspired gifts? Here’s some:




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